Tech IndiaWide has assembled a team of subject matter and skill based experts.

Tech IndiaWide we focus on our people, and our culture reflects that.Our Office is located in New Delhi(India),but we have employees all over the country. Our success also depends in part on our ability to attract and retain skilled employees and managers, and on the ability of our executive officers and key employees to manage our operations successfully.


C Zentrix is the proven technology that helps deliver exceptional customer experiences while decreasing costs and increasing revenues.

At Tech IndiaWide everything we do is inspired by our enduring mission and vision of providing the best customer experience for each and every interaction. You will find our aligned values throughout our culture, community and all communications. Tech IndiaWide specializes in providing flexible, high quality customer support outsourcing solutions.


Call Center Solutions

Knowing what type of solution fits your needs can be complex and confusing. Do you want to open your own in-house call center? Do you want to outsource your customer care? What happens when your office is closed?

Email Respone

Email communications are an expected part of daily communication. If you are able to deal professionally with email you have a competitive edge.Finding the time to respond to variety of questions and weed through the spam can be a challenge.

Custom Front Desk

We believe that every call is important.Your clients and customers will appreciate being able to communicate with a live person every time they call.TIWSPL Agents can pre-qualify and schedule your leads in order to free you for pursuit of closer.


The new customers is top priority in today’s competitive markets. Retaining those customers runs a close second. We not only took this concept to heart in our own client business relationships but we have partnered with CRM industry.

Direct Response

Direct Response or Media Marketing is a very important part of your business equation. It creates the need for immediate response when phone volume ramps up or the ability to ramp down between customer contact times.

Technical Support

Tech IndiaWide Solutions offers 3 Tiered Tech Support for products such as electronics, hardware and software. Our work at home agent model has been a natural fit when recruiting information technology professionals.

Training & Development

Our Agents not only utilize the information provided for use but they also know and understand it, ensuring your customers need never know that you outsource this area of your business.

  • Our primary goal is to satisfy our customers, putting a strong emphasis on the quality of our services

    Tech  IndiaWide
  • Our objective is to provide you with the best quality service and a superior and experienced climbing staff.

    Tech  IndiaWide
  • We would welcome the opportunity to provide service to you and in doing so; we will not only meet, but also exceed your expectations through our dedicated and specialized staff

    Tech  IndiaWide

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03 Jan


we are also able to provide a cloud contact center platform for up to 12 seats for utilizing your own in-house employees with full support while benefiting from our industry experience.


Tech India specializes in providing inbound and outbound outsourced customer management solutions with an emphasis on tiered technical support and first call resolution customer service.

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